Finance Department

The Finance Department provides for the effective and efficient management of the City’s fiscal resources. It is responsible for financial management of all City funds and for providing central support services to other City departments. These central support services include:

Accounting: provide for the accurate and timely accounting and reporting of all fiscal transactions for the City and related agencies
Accounts payable: process bi-weekly vendor payments and accounts receivable billings as scheduled
Budget development: coordinate the departmental budget preparation and the publication of the operating and capital improvement budgets
Financial reporting: prepare the City’s financial statements, coordinate annual audits, file required statutory reports and providing operational information to City departments
Grant management: manage billing for transit, infrastructure, and disaster relief funds from other government agencies
Payroll: provide bi-monthly payments for the entire city workforce of permanent and temporary employees and file all required reports with the Federal and State government and the State retirement system
Purchasing: administer the provisions of the Municipal Code relating to the procurement of materials and services at the best value to the requesting department
Revenue collections: collect all general government revenues such as business licenses, transient occupancy taxes, and regulatory permits; as well as enterprise fund revenues such as water, sewer, electric, and transit
Risk management: forecast and evaluate financial risks with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact
Treasury management: provide centralized cashiering, check distribution, and investment of idle funds in accordance with State law; manage debt in accordance with existing bond obligations

Additionally, the department is responsible for utility billing services for water, sewer, and electric. The City has approximately 2,500 resident and business utility customer accounts. The department processes utility service applications and prepares bills for all customers monthly and maintains a payment service counter and a drive-up payment drop box. The department is also responsible for preparing rate studies to identify appropriate billing rates. The department has been exploring different methods of service delivery and recently installed the drive-up payment drop box (located behind City Hall) for the convenience of customers. Additionally, to provide customers more convenience, starting October 15th the City will accept automated payment and utility start-up applications online.

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