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To report an electric outage or a broken city water line during normal working hours, please call our customer service phone at (530) 846-5695. If you are calling after normal working hours to report an electric outage or broken city water line, please call our outage hotline at (530) 846-3143. Crews are on standby to restore power or make repairs.




As one of the oldest municipal power agencies, established in 1910, the City of Gridley Electric Utility oversees the delivery of wholesale power, maintains and operates the local electric distribution system, is involved in engineering and advance planning for improvements, replacement and expansion of distribution system, and maintenance and operation of the City's street lighting system.

Distribution System
The Electric Utility Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance associated with the reliable distribution of electricity to residential and commercial customers from the City's interconnection with PG&E's 60 thousand volt transmission line at Gridley's Electric Substation located on Fairview Drive. Major staff responsibility and associated costs are also appropriated toward new construction, system expansion and replacement, which are augmented and funded through the City's Capital Budgets.

Solar Permits - Effective October 21, the City of Gridley placed a temporary moratorium on the installation of any new private PV Solar Array Systems.  The temporary moratorium is expected to last approximately 90 days.  The City of Gridley actively supports and encourages Green House Gas (GHG) reductions, including the installation of privately-owned solar systems, more formally known as Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.  This temporary moratorium will allow time for the City to develop more sustainable and equitable PV Program.

For additional information please call City Hall at (530) 846-3631

Click here for the City of Gridley Interconnection Agreement

Click here for the City of Gridley Net Metering Agreement


Procurement of Wholesale Power
Serving the Electric Utility, the City Administrator is responsible for the purchase of power for the City. This includes overseeing the City's share of the Northern California Power Agency's (NCPA) generation projects and the Federal Western Area Power Administration's Central Valley Project allocation.

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Helpful Links

    Butte County Air Quality Management District http://www.bcaqmd.org/

   Northern California Power Agency http://www.ncpa.com/

    California ISO http://www.caiso.com/

Contact Information

Daryl Dye
444 Fairview Drive
Gridley, CA 95948
(530) 846-5695

Attaching items to Power Poles Is Dangerous….and Illegal.  You may be billed for the damage to our poles and for costs associated with removal of signage and nails.

Attaching signs or other objects to utility poles without the Gridley’s Electric Utility’s consent is against the law and can be dangerous for our linemen.  Signs and other illegal attachments to power poles make the poles extremely hazardous—and sometimes impossible—for line workers to climb and make repairs.

It only takes a nail partially driven into a pole to cause serious injury to a line worker. Nail holes also allow moisture to enter wooden poles, causing premature decay and the expense of early replacement.

Gridley Electric respectfully asks the public to please refrain from placing signs or other structures on power poles.  Please step into the lineman’s shoes!  Gridley line crews climb utility poles at all hours of the day and night, in the worst of conditions. Signs, posters, and other items attached to utility poles can create serious hazards for our line personnel.  Sharp objects like nails, tacks, staples or barbed wire can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, making linemen vulnerable to electrocution.

Please be respectful of our Gridley Electric Utility equipment and property.

The City of Gridley Electric Department does not expect any impacts to our community due to the PG&E implementation of their Public Safety Power Shut-off Program (PSPS) in their designated fire danger areas. 

The City of Gridley Electric Department is highly committed to the well-being of our valued residents and their property.  Our Electric Department clears vegetation from the vicinity of power lines in both Gridley and Biggs in an effort to prevent system reliability and fire issues. Consequently, the City does not anticipate the need to shut off electric power. 

Click here to read the City of Gridley's Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Click here to link to the Butte County Map of Fire Risk Areas

To report an electric outage or a broken city water line during normal working hours, please call our customer service phone at (530) 846-5695. If you are calling after normal working hours to report an electric outage or broken city water line, please call our outage hotline at (530) 846-3143. Crews are on standby to restore power or make repairs.

For all other emergency or life-threatening calls dial 9-1-1


WHAT TO DO AND NOT TO DO WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT - Stay safe by following these simple tips:


  • Turn off major appliances and computer equipment to prevent damage from possible power surges when the power is restored
  • Use your portable radio to listen for updates
  • Try and leave the refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep food as fresh as possible
  • Make sure your pets have plenty of water and food
  • Leave one light fixture on so you know when the power has been restored
  • Drink plenty of water in hot weather, even if you don’t feel thirsty to avoid dehydration
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel, especially by car as street and traffic lights may not be operational


  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t call 9-1-1 to ask about the power outage – this is an emergency line only
  • Don’t use candles – they are a fire risk!
  • Don't place anything on the stove
  • Don’t use a gasoline or diesel-powered generator in living spaces and always read the instruction manual before using
  • Don’t approach any downed power lines – they may still be live


  • Restore power to your house slowly to avoid overloading the power grid
  • Check on neighbors that may require help when getting their home back in order
  • Replenish your emergency kit
  • Check your home’s security system to ensure proper function
  • Inspect your home for any damages that may have occurred during the outage (fallen tree limbs, water damage, etc.)
  • Inspect your perishable food items. Depending on how long the power was out, you may need to discard items.  Consult the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for more information at: