Why Work Here

Why Work/Do Business Here

The City of Gridley is focused on creating conditions for your business to succeed. We do not take business for granted. Here are the top reasons to do business in Gridley, California...

  • Central Location - strategically positioned in the heart of California and the Central Valley, along Highway 99, Gridley is close to larger metropolitan areas yet provides a comfortable, affordable lifestyle without the congestion, overcrowding, or expense.
  • Local Incentives – The City offers a number of and funds specific services to assist business retention, expansion and start-up in Gridley. Because Gridley is a full service Municipality we have more flexibility when it comes to providing utility rebates. For more information contact rhickey@gridley.ca.us.
  • Qualified, Productive Workforce – Gridley has a rich, diverse community. Consisting of a large skilled and semi-skilled workforce of over 80,000 and an affordable wage structure, it presents a distinct hiring opportunity for potential employers.
  • Available and Affordable Industrial and Commercial Land – Gridley has prime industrial and commercial sites with access to rail and Highway 99. Manufacturing ranges from ag-related, such as fruit, rice and nut processing, to outdoor/athletic equipment. The 70-acre Gridley Industrial Park opened in 2004 to house light manufacturing and assembly firms. Because the Industrial Park was established by the Gridley Redevelopment Agency, land is available at very competitive prices.
  • Quality of Life - Gridley is the small town that loves company. We can offer a unique blend of lifestyle opportunities...affordable, quality housing; abundant recreation; a multitude of cultural events; and, exceptional educational facilities. Population growth, streetscape improvement and façade improvements along with the development of new recreational attractions are making Historic Downtown Gridley a shopping destination. It's a great location for boutiques, cafes, and small franchises.
  • Market Access – Gridley is located for movement. Gridley is only 3 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. Chico Municipal Airport offers commercial flights daily and convenient access for companies with private aircraft. Flight line access is available for freight transportation. Gridley is strategically positioned for quick and cost effective distribution to major West Coast markets.
  • Project Management Team Meeting - This service is available free-of-charge to project developers and business owners anticipating development in Gridley. At request, City staff will coordinate a meeting with permitting departments aimed at providing valuable input prior to applying for a building permit. Companies considering a new operation in Gridley can count on a high level of responsiveness from City officials. We will not only put together a package responding to your requirements, but we will also put you in touch with individuals best equipped to address your needs. To request a pre-application or project meeting, contact rhickey@gridley.ca.us.
  • One-Stop Information and Permit Center – We may be small, but we are fast! The City of Gridley is known for streamlining the development process by congregating all the departments at the table. The Building, Planning, Public Works, and Municipal Utilities Departments all have representatives available to assist at the Permit Center.

LOCAL INCENTIVES: The City offers a number of incentives and funds specific services to assist business retention, expansion, relocation and start-up in Gridley. For more information contact rhickey@gridley.ca.us.

  • The City of Gridley owns its electrical utility. The City's normal commercial and industrial electrical rates are already lower than those of PG&E and SCE, which means that Gridley has a comparative advantage over other cities in the County and State, including Chico and Yuba City. The City of Gridley has Electrical Incentive Rates available for businesses that create jobs and significant new electrical load. This program can help a power-conscious business save significant amounts of money. The City's incentive programs will even further lower the cost of operation. For additional information please call Rob Hickey, City Administrator and Utility Director at (530) 846-5695.
  • Redevelopment Funds - The Gridley Redevelopment Agency (RDA) has funds available to provide financial assistance to development projects that meet the revitalization goals and criteria within the RDA Project Area.
  • Disposition and Development Agreements: The DDA is another flexible tool available to the Gridley Redevelopment Agency which can provide substantial help to property owners or developers of projects within the Project Area. DDA’s are set through individual negotiations on specific projects. Assistance can be in the form of low-interest financing, cost-sharing for public improvements, or other assistance. Projects must receive direct approval from the Redevelopment Agency.
  • Commercial Façade Improvement Loans: Low interest loans to rehabilitate, upgrade and improve the external appearance of commercial building facades within the redevelopment project areas.
  • Development Assistance and Gridley Redevelopment: Potential to coordinate planned public improvements with private development within the Gridley RDA areas.
  • Revolving Loan Fund Program: The City has established this funding program to provide critical capital needs to businesses and real estate projects that will create and/or retain jobs and increase the community’s tax base.
  • Expedited Development: Early and free project review assistance for businesses looking to expand, start up or relocating within the City limits. Businesses and builders may have their projects reviewed and guidance given by various City officials (Building, Planning, Fire, Engineering, Economic Development, etc.) to assist the project through the regulatory process.
  • Priority Permitting for all industrial businesses within the City limits. The City of Gridley prioritizes any industrial/manufacturing permit processing that would generate new and/or expanded job opportunities.

Additional Business Assistance:

  • Hiring and Training: Through the Butte Community Employment Center, businesses in Butte County can gain assistance with recruiting and training. The Center has a one-stop service in Oroville that provides hiring and training services, labor market information and direct business assistance.
  • Gridley Business Improvement District. For more information contact (530) 846-3687.
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC) serves microenterprises located within the City of Gridley and meeting the low and moderate income requirements of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Assistance includes technical assistance, business counseling and outreach.
  • California offers a number of incentives outlined in their “California Investment Guide: An Overview of Advantages, Assistance, Taxes and Permits.”
  • Butte County Economic Development Corporation is the countywide lead agency for regional collaboration, marketing and business attraction. Visit www.butte-edc.com to see a virtual version of the EDC's aggressive marketing campaign, or call 530.895.2728 for more information.
  • The Butte County Administrative Office is the lead county office for economic development in Butte County. Its mission is to provide information and services to help local, emerging and relocating businesses achieve profitability while improving the economy in an environmentally responsible manner with respect for the role of government in protecting the public interest. Past projects include: coordination with the City of Gridley to acquire funding to install sewer infrastructure for the Rio Pluma, Inc. fruit processing and packing facility; coordination with local economic development officials to implement the Butte County Job Creation Plan. Through the Butte County Board of Supervisors, the Administrative Office also prepares planning and technical assistance grants to implement business retention and expansion studies. You can obtain more information at www.buttecounty.net
  • The mission of the CSU, Chico Center for Economic Development is to educate and build the knowledge and capacity of California economic development professionals and enhance the well-being of the region's citizens by facilitating sustained, long term, and coordinated economic development strategies. Technical assistance is provided in the form of marketing research, marketing research assistance, business lists, marketing plan research, and other services identified through partnering agencies. For more information on CED programs, visit www.csuchico.edu/cedp/ or call 530.898.4598.
  • 3Core (Formerly Tri-County Economic Development Corporation) is a private, non-profit corporation established in 1988 to coordinate the economic development efforts in Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties. 3Core focuses on accessing capital for businesses and communities in its economic development district, and creating strategic alliances with other public and private organizations. It manages 12 different small business loan funds designed to create "gap financing" and job creation. The programs are designed to be flexible in order to assist growing businesses. 3Core also manages the City of Gridley’s Façade Improvement Program. For more information contact: 530.893.8732 or www.3coreedc.org/.
  • The Butte College Center for International Trade Development was established to help small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the north state region secure a niche in the international marketplace. CITD provides training to all segments of the business community, from agribusiness and manufacturers to service providers. Seminars and workshops are designed to provide a background in all aspects of international transactions, including international marketing, importing and exporting. CITD also provides individualized counseling for businesses and maintains a library of print and electronic resources. Contact: 530.892.6627, citd@butte.cc.ca.us or visit www.chico.citd.org/
  • The mission of the Butte College SBDC is to provide comprehensive business management services and training to help promote the development, retention and expansion of small businesses in Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties. The center employs a team of professional business counselors with expertise in all areas of small business management. These counselors provide up-to-date technical assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs. One-on-one counseling is provided in the areas of accounting and record keeping, business planning, financial analysis, loan assistance, human resources, marketing, manufacturing and production, plus information dissemination. The center also offers referrals, "How To" courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. Contact: 530.895.9017, or visit www.bcsbdc.org.