Official City Council Meeting Agenda Materials

Official City Council Meeting Agenda Materials can be accessed by clicking here or at the City Council Tab.  Complete City Council Agenda Packet hard copies are available at the Administration Counter at City Hall. The City of Gridley is proud of our strong tradition of providing the highest possible levels of transparency.

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Mayor Bruce Johnson Coronavirus Update

A Special Message from Gridley Mayor Bruce Johnson regarding the Coronavirus

The Gridley community is understandably concerned about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, and as Mayor, I want to share the actions that the City of Gridley is currently taking, or could take if circumstances change.  While this can be frightening and it’s a first-of-its-kind situation for our community, we must keep calm and take reasonable, disciplined steps to protect the public health.

I need to emphasize that this is a public health crisis, and the lead agency for our area is the Butte County Public Health Department. Butte County is our…

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Gridley Electric Customers not affected by PG&E shutoffs

Updated October 7, 2019

As you’ve likely heard, PG&E is shutting off power to parts of their service area during times of higher wildfire risk. These shutoffs will most likely not impact the Gridley Electric Utility and our customers.  We are connected to a different power grid and receive our power from Gridley’s sources other than PG&E.  Wildland fires are a serious problem in California. Please always be cautious when enjoying the outdoors.

Please click here to learn more about the Gridley Electric Utility

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Official City Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Materials

Official Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Materials can be accessed by clicking here or at the Planning Commission Tab.  Complete Planning Commission Agenda Packet hard copies are available at the Finance or Administration Counter at City Hall.  The City of Gridley is proud of our strong tradition of providing the highest possible levels of transparency.

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Police Officer Recruitment

***Please Share*** Our vibrant and charming community is hiring additional Police Officers (Lateral). The salary range is $4,267 - $5,581 monthly and with incentives up to $6,747. The City offers an attractive benefits package including CalPERS Retirement, medical (with minimal employee contribution), dental, and vision.

Please apply by November 12, 2019 to the Gridley Police Department.

This is an outstanding opportunity!  Necessary qualifications include: Possession of a California POST basic Certificate and work experience as a sworn officer, OR graduation from a POST certified basic academy within the last three years; possession of or ability to posses a California class C drivers license; a…

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Apply to fill a volunteer Planning Commissioner Seat

Want to get involved and help plan Gridley’s future?  If so, please consider applying to become a volunteer Gridley Planning Commissioner.  The Gridley City Council is in the process of filling one Planning Commissioner vacancy.  The appointed Planning Commissioner will hold office until 1/1/2024.  If interested, please complete the required questionnaire, and submit the completed application to the City Clerk at City Hall.   Planning Commissioners must live within the Gridley City limits.  Please call (530) 846-3631 for more information.  Please click here to access the required application and questionnaire.

Thank you for your dedication to our wonderful community!

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Butte County assumes Gridley Building Inspection Duties

Effective August 1, 2017 all building inspections services required in the City of Gridley became the responsibility of the Butte County Department of Development Services Building Division, located at 7 County Center Drive in Oroville.  The County has a wide array of resources and capabilities far exceeding our one-person operation.  We are especially pleased that the County provides a wide array of inspections services and permits online at

If you are considering a new project, please visit to see if the permit can be obtained online. 

The Butte County Building Division can be reached at (530) 538-7601

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Volunteer Firefighters Wanted

Have you ever wanted to get involved and make a difference by helping your neighbors and friends? If so, consider becoming a Gridley Volunteer Firefighter!

The City of Gridley is a combination Fire Department with full-time CAL FIRE Firefighters and Gridley area citizen Volunteer Firefighters. Our Volunteers meet regularly for training. Training is done cooperatively with Butte County Fire and includes all basic firefighting skills: first aid, ladders, breathing apparatus use, hose streams, vehicle extrication, etc.  This ongoing training is in addition to the initial basic operations training course.  

For more information about becoming a Gridley Volunteer Firefighter, go to and submit a Volunteer Firefighter Interest Form.

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Weed fire threat

In an effort to keep all Gridley residents and visitors safe, Gridley Firefighters will conduct weed, high grass, rubbish, and nuisance inspections of all residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the Summer months.  Properties found to have high weeds, grasses, and nuisances as outlined in Chapter 8.08 - Abatement of Weeds and Rubbish of the City Municipal Code, will be officially noticed.  Property owners who fail to comply with the Notice will be abated.  The costs of the abatement will be billed to the properties and those costs may be assessed against the property’s property taxes.

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