Parks and Recreation Public Comment Zoom Meetings

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Parks and Recreation Public Comment Zoom Meetings:  The City of Gridley is inviting you to various public comment Zoom meetings! We are applying for funding for the Rural Recreation and Tourism grant through the California Parks and Recreation program. The grant has up to $3 million per application to build the Sports Complex Master Plan at the Industrial Park off Liberty Road  and the Manuel Vierra Park (MVP) Revitalization. Please use the QR Codes with your smart phone camera to attend the Zoom meeting and give us your input! If this is your first time using a QR Code open the camera on your…

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Upcoming City Council Meetings

Event Date: December 6, 2021

Official City Council Meeting Agenda Materials can be accessed at the City Council Tab.  The City of Gridley is proud of our strong tradition of providing the highest possible levels of transparency.

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