Police Department




The Police Department is responsible for the protection of life and property, the maintenance of order, the control and prevention of crime, and the enforcement of motor vehicle laws and regulations. Primary activities related to these responsibilities include enforcement of the laws of the state and the city; investigation of crimes; apprehension of criminals, and maintenance of a crime prevention program. The police department contracts police and animal control services for our neighbor, the City of Biggs, to provide them with the same services enjoyed by the citizens of Gridley.

The Department receives approximately 2,600 911 calls per year and 15,000 calls for service.

Patrol Services
Officers respond to and investigate emergency in-progress calls, provide necessary assistance to other law enforcement agencies during emergency and critical situations. The officers investigate state-mandated calls for service such as missing persons, elder and child abuse, sexual assaults, domestic violence and death investigations. Non-emergency calls such as burglaries, thefts, disturbances, traffic collisions, etc. are also investigated. The officers analyze fingerprints and other physical evidence, maintain court evidence, process and destroy contraband evidence monitor activities of individuals on probation and parole, provide legal update training, and conduct major investigations with crimes requiring out-of-town follow-up.

The Police Department participates with other Butte County law enforcement agencies in the Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force. This participation is controlled by contract with the State of California, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. The participants are Butte County Sheriff Department, Butte County Probation, California Highway Patrol, Butte County District Attorney's Office and three cities. Each agency provides personnel and benefits as well as a shared contribution for operations and maintenance.

Dispatch Services
The responsibilities of this function are to maintain/operate a full enhanced 911-dispatch center for Police Services and animal control as well as maintenance of appropriate police records. Dispatch Services coordinate call-outs for Public Works and Electric after hours (on-call) as required and maintain all information covered under the public records act, as well as all department statistical information. Computer aided dispatch (CAD) is also maintained by Technical Services staff. Included in CAD are RMS (Records Management System), California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Technical Services answers all business lines and provides information to the public.

Community Support
The department participates in drug and alcohol awareness presentations as well as gang awareness presentations. In addition, the Police Department provides bicycle registration, crime prevention programs.  The department partners with the Gridley Lions club for graffiti abatement. The department is also involved with a bicycle rodeo and coordination of Police Services during the Butte County Fair each August. We support the Butte County Safe Kids (BCSK) program and participate in many other child safety programs, such as, bike helmet give aways and 911 safety training at the local schools.