Fire Department

Still small enough to provide a quiet country life-style, Gridley is large enough to offer the amenities and conveniences of much larger cities. The quaint community with population of just over 5,100 is located in the heart of the beautiful Sacramento Valley at the foot of the World's Smallest mountain range, The Sutter Buttes. Gridley is a convenient one hour drive north of Sacramento. All forms of major transportation are readily accessed from Gridley.

An outstanding combination of good climate, fertile soil and available water have made Gridley an agricultural haven. Gridley is just 96 feet above sea level, with a mild climate. Average rainfall is 20', with mild winters and warm dry summers. A variety of crops, including rice, peaches, walnuts, kiwis, prunes, almonds and apples, are grown in the Gridley area.

We, the Fire Department, protect the people of Gridley, their lives, homes, property, businesses, and community. We protect Gridley from fire and other threats to life safety. We envision a community free of threat from fire or risk to life safety. We value: compassion, loyalty, integrity, and Gridley, the community we protect.

The Fire Department provides fire, rescue, emergency medical, public service, and hazardous materials emergency response service for the City. This includes fire prevention, pre-fire planning, emergency prepardness, firefighting, fire investigation, and code enforcement. The Fire Department operates two components, a career staff funded jointly by the City and County, responsible for day-to-day operations and a Volunteer Company providing the necessary depth of personnel for most incidents.