City Administration

City Administrator
The City Administrator's office is responsible for implementing the policy decisions of the City Council and for the management and coordination of the day-to-day operations of the City. Responsibilities include overall leadership of all City departments and direct coordination with the City Council, as well as public information, intergovernmental relations, economic development, and franchise management.

City Attorney
The City Attorney is the primary legal advisor to the City Council, its Commissions and City departments. Major activities include providing accurate legal advice and direction to ensure that the City's operations conform to all federal, state, and City laws, as well as representing the City in legal proceedings. These services are provided on a contract basis by an outside legal firm.

City Clerk Function
The City Administrator's office coordinates and administers the City's records retention and management; maintains the legislative history, including preparation of City Council minutes, resolutions and ordinances; and is the custodian of the City Seal and all official City records. In addition, is responsible for preparing and publishing all legal notices for the City; receiving and processing initiative petitions. Other duties include the administration and enforcement of the Local Conflict of Interest Code as well as federal and state laws regarding election and campaign financing disclosure; and coordinating the municipal elections. The City Clerk functions are assigned to the City Administrator.

Economic Development
The City Administrator's office is responsible for administering the City's housing and economic development services. The City has a number of CDBG and EDBG grants that exist to further economic development and housing rehabilitation. Services include grant writing, general administration of grants, activity delivery and grant reporting.

Human Resources
The City Administrator's office is responsible for administering the City's human resources management system, including labor relations, benefits administration, and staff development, and for providing personnel support services to all City departments.