Mayor Bruce Johnson Coronavirus Updates

Message from Gridley Mayor Bruce Johnson regarding the Coronavirus - April 10, 2020

Dear Gridley Residents and Businesses;

Over the past three years we’ve experienced the mass evacuation due to the Oroville Spillway emergency, the significant long-term impacts of the Camp Fire and now we find ourselves in the grasp of a global pandemic. While we cannot be sure when this situation will end, we can rest assured that Gridley will persevere due to the quality of our residents!  Gridley residents and businesses have proved themselves to be compassionate, generous, and strong during our past disasters. In fact, we’ve developed a very positive reputation throughout the State and with FEMA as being a generous and “can do” community.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not been easy and it will become more challenging in the weeks to come. We will, as we always do, show dignity and respect to one another. We will follow the advice and directives of the public health experts, not necessarily because we want to, but because we know it is the right thing to do for the most vulnerable individuals within our community. So, maintain your social distance. Isolate yourself if you are not feeling well. Encourage those around you to comply with the public health orders. Check on your friends and neighbors with a phone call, a text, an email, a social media post or a simple shout across the street. Stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Sheltering at home does not mean isolating ourselves from all human contact.

Dedicated City staff, your City Council, Butte County staff and your County supervisors are all working together to provide the best guidance, care and services to minimize the risks and impact of this pandemic on our Gridley community. There are hourly contacts with various state and federal agencies to ensure we are receiving the best information available. 

This week I was invited to participate in a briefing with President Trump’s White House officials that you may have seen during daily White House briefings on TV or online.  As Mayor, I greatly appreciate the efforts of the White House and I appreciate that they included Gridley in their briefings.

Having now been involved in conversations with the White House and with State, County and other local officials, I can tell you that it appears that all levels of government are working well together.  With that said, it’s important to say we should all be mindful that not everything you read on social media is accurate. Be responsible and do not repost information unless it is from a trusted source. Creating anxiety benefits no one and can harm many. This situation is dynamic and we appreciate the patience, understanding and cooperation of our residents as we all work through this unprecedented event.

The City of Gridley remains here to serve you. While we cannot currently engage with in-person meetings at City Hall, we are open for business through phone calls and emails. Use the city website, to connect with the department, staff member or elected representative you need. As is always the case, our Fire, Police, Public Works, and Utilities remain available 24/7.

The local consequences of this global pandemic will be substantial and long-lasting but they will not be insurmountable. Yes, there will be significant financial impacts to our residents, our businesses and to the City. This crisis will have different phases all of which we will work through together as one community.

We have been through many challenges and together we will make it through this one as well. There are times when we may discuss, debate, and disagree on particular topics within our community but we always do so with what we believe to be the best interest of Gridley in mind. Working together during times like this will ensure that there will always be a Gridley here for us to continue to discuss, debate, and disagree over. There is nowhere else I would rather be and there are no others I would rather be with during these challenging times.

Gridley is our home.  I’ve worked hard to be here to serve you through the challenges we’ve experienced together. I will remain here to serve you through this challenge as well.  Please feel free to call me at 846-3631 if I can provide any help.

Stay safe and stay health and please wisely help others in need.



Message from Gridley Mayor Bruce Johnson regarding the Coronavirus - March 18, 2020

The Gridley community is understandably concerned about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, and as Mayor, I want to share the actions that the City of Gridley is currently taking, or could take if circumstances change.  While this can be frightening and it’s a first-of-its-kind situation for our community, we must keep calm and take reasonable, disciplined steps to protect the public health.

I need to emphasize that this is a public health crisis, and the lead agency for our area is the Butte County Public Health Department. Butte County is our authoritative source for information, advisories, facilities, equipment, personnel, and funding. That said, the City of Gridley has been, or soon will be, collaborating with a range of partners including, but not limited to: the Gridley School District, Butte County, Orchard Hospital, Enloe Hospital, neighboring cities, local businesses, and non-profits.

Last week Butte County initiated their Emergency Operations Center which provides more County-wide focus and flexibility in how we as a region can respond to this changing crisis. It’s anticipated that the County will soon adopt an emergency proclamation.  This proclamation helps our regional Emergency Services personnel secure vital supplies, funding, and assistance.   The State of California has already declared an emergency.

The City is also modifying some services to reduce in-person interactions. We don’t take these actions lightly, and they must be weighed against the threat of this virus, along with economic and daily-life impacts.  Our goal is to reduce social interactions and the opportunity for community transmission of the virus.  The City has closed our Recreation Center and suspended our Senior Meals Program and the Preschool held at our Recreation Center.  Our Recreation staff are working closely with our dozen senior residents who participate in the program to ensure their nutritional needs are being met.

While we will continue all routine City Hall services, starting next Monday, March 23rd, City Hall will be Closed.  Our City employees will be working full-time normal hours.  Typically, we see 20 customers a day at City Hall.  All utility payments will be accepted through a drop box, online, through mail, and via phone.  Building services will be through appointment only.  We discourage people from attending public meetings, so for example please call, mail, drop-off, or email your comments to the City Council and Planning Commission rather than showing up in person. City facilities are being cleaned more often, and hand sanitizer and educational posters have been posted.   We expect these closures to last through early May, at a minimum.

Your personal actions and behaviors matter. Please follow county, state, and federal advice about increased personal hygiene, reducing in-person contact, and limiting non-essential travel. If you host or are a member of a social gathering, please consider delaying or cancelling events.

Finally, let’s remain calm and composed and let the professionals do their jobs. Support your neighbors where appropriate and safe, share information, and encourage best practices. This is certainly a challenging situation, and an abundance of caution is warranted. You can find the latest information about the Coronavirus at:

CDPH COVID-19 webpage

CDC COVID-19 webpage

EPA’s List of Disinfectants

Please share this notice with your friends and family to help them stay safe and healthy.  Stay safe!