Community Development Block Grant: Request for Proposals

The City of Gridley (City) has been awarded federal Community Development Block Grant-
Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds from the California Department of Housing and Community
Development (HCD), as appropriated under Public Law 116-20, for the Disaster Recovery
Multifamily Housing Program (DR-MHP). This will provide funding for new construction and
rehabilitation of affordable multifamily housing in designated areas impacted by the wildfire of
November 2018 (DR 4407), including all of Butte County. The City was awarded a total of
$2,394,037 to fund program administration and production of housing units affordable for low
to moderate income households within multifamily projects, with $2,034,932 set aside to
award to qualifying projects.

The City seeks proposals from experienced affordable multifamily housing developers to access
DR-MHP funds. The City has entered into contract with Housing Tools to provide DR-MHP
administration, including management of this Request for Proposals, on its behalf.

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