Sewer Line Smoke Testing - Week of June 17th

As part of our Healthy Sanitary Sewer Program, the City of Gridley and the California Rural Water Association along with their contractor American Leak Detection, Inc. will conduct smoke testing of Gridley sanitary sewers during the week of June 17th. The locations will include Sycamore Street north to Bridgeford Avenue and West Biggs Gridley Road east to the railroad tracks.

Smoke testing is a safe, inexpensive way to identify leaks in the City’s sanitary sewer system allowing extraneous rain and groundwater to enter. The smoke, which is the same product used to train fire department personnel, is safe, non-toxic, non-staining and does not cause a fire hazard. Residents may be home when smoke testing activities take place. During testing, blowers are placed on manholes and smoke is forced through the system. Smoke exiting the system indicates a potential for rain and groundwater to enter the sanitary sewer system.

If there are no deficiencies found, smoke will pass through the system and exit through roof vents. Smoke entering a building is a sign of faulty plumbing and it is recommended that the property owner make appropriate repairs to prevent sewer gases from entering the building. To discuss smoke testing activities in advance of or during testing, residents can contact Gridley City Hall at (530) 846-3631.

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